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What is the american legal term of art referring to the indeterminate sentences of some prisoners?

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  1. David GH UK

    They used to say "To be held until Her Majestys pleasure be known" It was a legal devise to deal with prisoners whose circumstances may change over the years and was used for the child killers of Jamie Bulger. It meant until the Home Secretary decided otherwise.
    However the Euro Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Britain must give the Bulger killers a set "Tariff" So this term is no longer used.

    America certainly dont use the Queen in any of their legal matters. I am not really sure how they deal with juveniles but probably give a set sentence and release them earlier if their circumstances change.?

    What-ever, America has the right to make their own laws we once had and dont have now and wont even when we leave the EU as we will still keep the ECHR.

  2. OneDrop

    No, since the term "Her Majesty" doesn't mean anything over there.

    They call it 25-Life

  3. ben

    we have no monarchy, so no, for intermediate senatances we use "to", so a minimun of 10 years with no defined end date, release at the "governments" pleasure would be said as

    10 to life

  4. Simpson576

    We're locking your *** up and throwing away the key.

  5. Anonymous

    life with the possibility of parole

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