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What difference does it make whether you are (for example) changing a light bulb, or installing central air conditioning. If it takes you 8 hours, it takes you 8 hours. What you do in that 8 hours, why would that matter? And why should we, the home owners, may for the difference?

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  1. Raymond

    Probably because some works generally takes much more effort and skill than some others, and the people who do the hard work definitely won't find it fair to be paid by time instead of work. And also, people could on purpose work slowly or pretend to be working harder but really just wasting time to gain more money. It's not like you can really determine how many hours it's gonna take beforehand...
    Hope that helps a bit!

  2. tom7railway

    People DO charge by the hour, but some workers are more in demand or more highly skilled, so they charge more. Plus, some jobs are harder to estimate because you can't always predict problems that will slow you down, so you add more time to your quote to protect yourself from losing money. It's not rocket science.

  3. Karen L

    Installing central air conditioning requires more skill and more tools. That is why it costs more per hour to get done than it does to change light bulbs. It's the same reason why doctors and ship captains get paid more than burger-flippers.

  4. ?

    Ask a lawyer that same question Cause his prices fluctuate case to case .Its about how much time he will be there Charging by the hour usually gets the homeowner a huge shock instead of a agreed upon rate that he factors in time and materials too This way its usually beneficial to the homeowner Maybe you hit his minimum charge and he failed to tell you that

  5. Passive Agresssor

    UNIONS - thank them or blame them.
    Unions set work standards and negotiate pay for an industry. Even tho' many repairmen you hire may not be union members, the unions are the tide that raises all ships.


    SOME jobs are harder than others, even if they don't take longer.

    By the way, what I can do in 10 minutes may take YOU 10 days.

  7. Literal

    How long is the apprenticeship to learn to install a lightbulb vs to diagnose a problem and repair an air conditioner. Would you want to pay the man who mows your lawn the same as you would pay the surgeon who removes your brain cancer?

  8. Bob Johnson formerly

    You can have billy Bob redneck change your lightbulbs for x amount per hour but when you get into more technical things like central air it takes a skilled technician which costs more

  9. chris

    AC Technicians don't know how to change light bulbs silly! LOL!
    Or, Do you know how many AC Technicians it takes to change a light bulb? LOL!

  10. Jeff D

    You mean why should the surgeon who removes your brain tumor get paid more (per hour) than the nurse who changes your bandage?

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