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This happens on both Political Parties of The United States of America, stop Blanket Terming everything with 'Politically Correctness' like you know what that stands for... Stupid is still Stupid, it doesn't need a special blanket term Millennial Hashtag.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sadly, it's the situation we're in today.

    As a white person, if I see a rag doll with exaggerated white racial characteristics, such as straw blond hair and big blue eyes, then I'm not offended - no more than I find the representations of white people in the Simpsons offensive.

    But how should I react to representations of people of other races? Some of my white friends seem to take the view that any (mis)representation of a black or asian person is ipso facto offensive. I don't take that view; I think that only black/asian people have the right to decide what is offensive, and once I know their opinion, I will respect and support it.

    What concerns me is that many of the people who claim to find some representation offensive are themselves white and simply being politically correct. I'm not sure that they're the right people to make a judgement, and I'm not sure that their interventions really help to promote racial harmony.

    I hope that we're in a transitional period and maybe in 100 years time racism will have mostly burned itself out, and this particular quagmire of how to represent people of different will be a thing of the past.

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