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Im a senior this year and plan on joining the military still when i graduate, ive talked to a few recruiters at school but still dont know if i want to join the army or the marines. But back to the question. I know how insanely hard bootcamp is physically, ive played sports all my life and i picture bootcamp being...

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  1. jeeper_peeper321

    boot is not that hard, people have some weird thoughts about boot.

    you people seem to think all you do is exercise at boot

    when what you really do, is walk a lot and stand around in formation a lot

    what wilderness ? nether the army or marines go into the wilderness in boot, heck the Air Force spends more time in the field in basic, than the army and marine corps combined

    2, but , no, its not fun-- it just suxs, you have no control over your life -- its a day in and day out grind

  2. JetDoc

    People who TALK about boot camp have NO CONCEPT of what it's REALLY all about. Boot camp is NOT "insanely hard" physically or otherwise. If you have played high school football, and can study well enough to get average grades in school, you will have no problems at boot camp.

  3. TB12

    When you first enter boot it's hard, scary and you think you made a big mistake by enlisting. When it over you look back on it as something that was tough, fun and you wouldn't mind doing it again.

  4. Living the Dream

    I thought basic was fun.

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