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I was half asleep and I heard my dead mother say, 'Why are you in the living room?'. I had opted not to go to my class and I had an errand I had to run, but I was tired so I stayed home.

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  1. English Guy

    Sometimes when you are just nodding off you may make a small sound through your nose or mouth, maybe a short whistle noise. Your ears would have heard it and made it sound louder. Your brain then tries to make it something understandable hence your mother's voice. I heard my grandfather say my name very clearly one morning as I was waking up and he had been gone over 20 years.

  2. PhotonX

    What makes you think that was a 'psychic experience'? Here, read about hypnagogia: It's a perfectly plausible natural explanation to what you experienced.

  3. Essence Lovetrip

    That is not a psychic experience, seeing as you were half (or more) asleep that was a dream.

  4. Jon

    A minor auditory hallucination due to being half-asleep.

  5. Dixon

    I think the key information is half asleep.

  6. ambuj

    Good imagination

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