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enough by now would suddenly vote for her?

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  1. Ryde,0n
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    She won't be recruiting any new votes ,,,, likely losing them instead but there are lots of dead people and multiple voters ready to take their place .

    I think at this time she is campaigning to reduce the number of votes she loses .

    As I think about it ,,, she really isn't even campaigning ,,,, just fund raising . Wonder where that money is going ?

  2. Mariel

    Hillary is far and away more qualified than Herr Drumpf, and is more sane and rational than that orange megalomaniac blowhard.
    The GOP and Drumpf have fabricated all kinds of ridiculous and unsubstantiated "scandals" and yet she is not charged with a single crime. However, Drumpf is facing fraud charges for his stupid "Trump University". He is also being sued by about 3500 hard worker contractors that he stiffed. He is also facing a suit regarding rape charges.
    Of course, his racist, misogynistic, bigoted, xenophobic, supporters would follow him even if he "shot someone in the street." Trump "loves uneducated people" because they are so gullible, and so easy to manipulate with fear tactics and hate mongering. Pathetic.

  3. Sally

    Wonder what your opinion of her would be if the right-wing media hadn't spent 30 years lying about her and making up fake scandals?

  4. okiknowit

    I don't know her well. Do you suspect me?

  5. Bathe Her And Bring

    she just last week said Trumps voters were deplorable, so if she gains any votes it would have to come from those racist bigot homophobes, right?

  6. Anonymous

    Only a person who is completely rotten, corrupt or brainwashed would vote for her. She should have been tackled to the ground, arrested and sent to prison long ago for her OUTRAGEOUS crimes against America and against humanity. Instead, she is above the law. God, I can't stand her guts.

  7. Mountain!!

    huh? Learn how to construct a sentence which makes sense. You must be a Trump supporter.

  8. joensfca

    She can win with the voters she has.

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