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US bombed regular Syrian army?

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  1. Nick
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    Great ceasefire right, we attack our supposed allies..... 'by accident'. Too many of these 'accidents' favoring ISIS happen for it to actually be an accident, unless the US Millitary is completely incompetent, which I doubt is the case.

    We're keeping ISIS alive because they're useful in scaring the citizens back home to give up their rights.

  2. Biff

    US planes had been attacking ISIS positions in the area earlier in the day and must have misidentified the Syrian army positions. The Syrians can't complain too much when they don't care how much collateral damage their crude barrel bombs, filled with metal shards or poison gas, do when they drop them on rebel held towns. That's the main reason so many civilians have fled the country. Neither can Syria's ally Russia complain too much when its airstrikes have killed hundreds of civilians and have destroyed a hospital.

  3. Siddhartha

    If the Syrian army won't give precise details of their dispersal how can their allies know where they are to be found.
    Could be simple errors by the Syrians or a deliberate policy if they aren't trusting of their allies.

  4. forte88eng

    and according to their spokesman on the radio this morning, the russians have no right or cause to call for a security council meeting re the 'accident' which russia suggested might have been deliberate. when will these two learn to tolerate each other without blame.

  5. Jack H

    Possibly, by accident, Assad and the Russians bomb and gas civilians deliberately...

  6. Anonymous

    oh errr

    shudda gone to specsavers

  7. frank

    why not? its that confusing and messed up it seems like a free for all everyone v everyone, a kind of king of the ring, royal rumble

  8. Anonymous

    Whole world is under American siege...

  9. Verulam 2

    Oops ????

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