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My plan is to get a scholarship, and you can get an associates degree with 1 year of business school. So I want to get a full scholarship for MBA which is the 1 year business school program. Then I'd work for a few years until I have enough for a 4 year college. Then I'd get a major in a science or math...

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  1. Prof

    The MBA is a graduate degree. You cannot be accepted into an MBA program until you complete a bachelors degree. Many students work and go to college part-time. An associates degree is not of much value if you plan on an eventual MBA. but a bachelors degree in math or science can result in good jobs. After a few years of work experience in your undergraduate major field, an MBA can enhance your career prospects.

  2. Mindy Sue

    If you have a degree and a job, you should know that getting another degree isn't worth the money, especially since it has diminishing returns - the older you are the less time you'll have to use it.

  3. james l

    you have to complete a 4 year degree before you can enroll in an MBA program

  4. rabz


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