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Why are there so many racist and just generally offensive questions on Yahoo?

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  1. Scimitar-Wielding Go

    People come here to feed the dark side of their ego.

  2. The Lone Wolverine

    It's funny to me how people always think this stuff is exclusive to the internet. Do you really think people are only racist on Y!A and then go out in the real world and aren't racist anymore? This is a reflection of how people really are.

  3. Jetstorm

    Because the internet has been the biggest disappointment in the last 50 years

    Want information?

    Well too bad, because what your going to get mostly is what some idiot thinks and it is mostly laughable

    Want to contact other people?

    Tough, because what you are going to get is either a lot of people who are not who they say or are easily offended or want to offend

  4. Zero

    Because YA has cultivated a culture where having a problem with racists gets you labeled as an enemy of free speech.

  5. Scrimshaw

    and lo and behold...there is absolutely no context to wich you speak.

    overwhelmingly its anti white racial hatred thats so common and pervasive right along with other leftist social hatreds from feminist to gay hate and dogma

    is that what you are referring to? nah... likely you are a politically correct Racist yourself and you upset at the dissent TO your own hatred that you otherwise expect to be commended for.

    speak.. put into context what you find to be actually racist and offensive according to you...

  6. Tazor

    This is how people feel in real life...they just don't say it out right in the open...the internet reflects the ordinary persons true feelings about other races.

  7. xaing9

    people love each other too much

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