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Can I have a tv while living in army barracks? If so is there a size limit?

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  1. Wine Wine U Dirty Sk

    I always did. And that included living in barracks rooms ranging from what was intended for 2 men with 5 crammed in to having a single room to myself

  2. NWIP

    Do you seriously think that they will not allow you to have a TV while in barracks after Basic? It is NOT PRISON for crying out loud. The only thing they provide in your room is bed, desk and a dresser you supply everything else. You are responsible for cable, Internet and phone costs. Size has to fit in there and as you will probably have a roommate not one that is too big

  3. Grandpa

    Not while in Basic Training, Boot camp, AIT or Technical School. Once you reach your first permanent assignment there is no problem. The only objection might be the sound level. A good set of stereo earphones will eliminate that concern.

  4. Mrsjvb

    at your own expense, yes. same goes with cable and inter web. as far as size goes, it has to fit in the barracks room and you won't know what you have until you get there.

  5. barbamatt

    TVs are banned in the Army....LOL, seriously? You can buy one on your own and put it in your room. You will have to be at your permanent duty station first though.

  6. Tim

    Your goal in the Army is not to watch TV, you may not have space for it.

  7. jeeper_peeper321

    if it can fit in the barracks room, then you can have it

    there are no size limits

  8. ripon

    you should just get a vr headset for your phone, you can watch tv and movies without bothering anyone around you

  9. Anonymous

    I had one in Viet Nam in 1967, so I guess you still can have one.

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