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hi all and thanks in advance for your help and advice. my daughter is 11yr and is very into music. She picked up he piano and taught herself a little now she asked me for a guitar which I got her but she is interested in djing or mixing whatever you want to call it. I would like to know your opinion is it better...

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  1. Danny

    You're being a caring parent, by supporting your child's interest in music. I'd encourage you to sneak in a little encouragement to commit to something, at some point, not just burn plastic at the music store or Best Buy. Maybe say OK, we'll talk about another one, next year...Tough fence to walk, but I think you'll work it out.

  2. Duncan

    Doing one does not exclude the other. If she enjoys them both she has plenty of time to become proficient at both.

  3. slavey slavery

    She can learn both

  4. Minister of Truth

    whatever she wants, do it

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