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I paid into SS for 34 years, at age 63 what should my monthly check be ?

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  1. Judith

    Go to and get an estimate. The amount of your benefit is determined by how much you earn and paid into the social security program. Big difference in benefit amounts if you earn $15,000 a year versus the maximum of $118,500 a year. If a person is a low earner it doesn't matter if they work 40 years - their benefit is going to be considerably lower than a person who earns maximum wages for 34 years.

    Social Security uses a person's high 35 years of earnings to compute the benefit amount. If you don't work 35 years that means they will have to use a zero year - which lowers your monthly benefit.

  2. Sally

    Are you saying you don't get a statement once a year from Social Security? Are you saying you haven't contacted the S.S. office? Are you saying you haven't gone on line to see what your benefit will be?

    No one else can give you an answer since your benefits are based on your income for a certain number of years.

  3. Jo

    That depends on how much you paid in. Sorry this is not a psychic website and you will find out from them.

  4. Athena

    Go to the Social Security website and you can look up what you get at what age.

  5. Jeffrey

    That depends on how much you paid in.

  6. Foofa

    Somewhere between $829.80 and $1,246.00 depending on how much you paid in.

  7. WRG

    Open an account at

  8. Pascal the Gambler

    That would depend on what you paid in.

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