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How is EMPTINESS different from NOTHINGNESS?

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  1. Anonymous

    Ken said it pretty well. "Empty" has a negative connotation, implying there could be something positive. It may well be said, but on the bright side, it could be filled! There is hope!

    With nothingness, you're on a neutral ground. You can't get anything positive because positive doesn't exist. Neither does negative.

    Not sure if I'm following your question correctly...

  2. P

    Emptiness is common, nothingness is impossible.

  3. small

    Emptiness has space..... nothingness can have no space either.

  4. Naguru

    Yes. You are right. When you feel some vacuum in the head, the mind will not function effectively. It is difficult to think or decide either this way or that way. It thus leads to some sort of confusion in the mind.

  5. Happy Hiram

    My stomach is empty but my mind is literally wrapped in nothing.

  6. It's Common

    It isn't. It's simply two terms that describe the same thing. It's like asking the difference between "sleep" and "not awake".

  7. ken

    To me, "emptiness" implies there could be "not empty".
    "Nothingness" to me has no alternative.

  8. Jay


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