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I'm an 18 year old female. I'm trying to slim down, tone & be overall heathier by February for a special occasion. I just want to be confident and comfortable with myself. Although I do want to lose at least a few pant sizes before then, that gives me 5 months. I'm 5'9 & roughly 210 pounds....

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  1. Paul
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    Ma'am, whomever told you it's how much you eat vs what you eat is wrong, it's always about what your eating. I would suggest that you go on a high protein/complex carbohydrate lifestyle. Continue what you doing in the gym as your goals seem to generally be losing weight and obtaining a healthier life. As far as your eating habits, throw out Calories completely. Eat, 4-5 small meals a day if possible, if it's not then eat 3 meals a day and eat until you are full. Eat beef, pork, fish, chicken and any veggie that is green. Green veggies are your complex carbs, the others are your high protein foods. Drink allot of water, again drink allot of water. Have one cheat meal a week, eat as much on that one meal you want but only 1 meal not one day. Atkins website has many options for you as well as youtube. Let me say it's going to suck allot, it becomes very boring, your going to get head aches from not eating the carbs you have been eating your entire life that's why you need to drink allot of water. There are plenty of website out there to help you track your food, I use Sparkpeople. Protein wise shoot for 200 grams a day, it sound like allot but it's really not when you look at Chicken Breasts, Steaks, Pork Loin etc. Make sure you take a front/back selfie every week on the same day in relatively the same wear, don't flex just a standard photo, this helps with your motivation as we see ourselves everyday it's hard to see changes, when you have 8 weeks of photo's you can see the changes by comparison. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey.

  2. sheloves_dablues

    Weight loss is 80-90% diet.

    1700 calories a day is a lot if you're trying to lose weight. Cut back to 1200 calories, made up of lean meats and green veggies. Limited fruit and dairy. Little to no grains.

    You will find that it's actually hard to eat that much if you're actually eating the right foods. You will get all the nourishment you need with no extra carbs, which will increase the rate at which you are losing weight.

  3. Enya

    muscle is denser than fat so you may start looking thinner but getting heavier.

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