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Vikings won the game 17-14 but it was a lot closer that people expected how u feel about that?

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  1. LegFuJohnson
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    The game was a 1 or 2 point spread. Most people expected a close game.

    How do I feel about what? That some people expect a blowout in every game? I don't really care that some people expect a blowout in every game.

  2. David and Stephanie

    There have been 31 NFL games so far this season and only 9 of them were decided by a 2 possession margin (9 points or more).

    That means that 22 of 31 games (about 65%) were decided by a margin of 8 points or less.

    Playing close doesn't matter. You either win or lose.

  3. Feelz™ (Gonorrhea ♥

    It was a good defensive battle. Good game overall. Sam Bradford looked good out there.

  4. Zombie Birdhouse

    The NFL is the best Reality TV each week.

  5. Meerkat Uno

    My only feelings are I wish they both could have lost.

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