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my husband woke up at 3am with a panic attack (with supraventricular tachycardia). I thought he was having a heart attack, but after 12 hrs in the ER, it was concluded he was having a panic attack. his blood tests showed it was not coronary disease. is this dangerous if this happens again? how can we prevent this...

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  1. Them

    No - the good news is that the panic attacks are harmless. The heart's smart enough not to go overboard. But of course it does feel every bit a HEART ATTACK!

    This is pretty typical neurotic stuff - I suppose some drugs or other stuff might play a role. But mostly it's psychological. It's based on some old unconscious conflict which boils over. Sufferers don't know the cause.... it's UNconscious.

    You prevent these by understanding what causes them. Often the unconscious conflict is old anger left over from childhood. Mostly takes talking to somebody trained in psychology who will let you work on the problem and not try to get you hooked on drugs.

    When you are experiencing this run-away anxiety/panic, you are experiencing the reality of how strong your psychology can be. It's no laughing matter! And it's not something you can simply dismiss.

  2. Cosmos Jones

    No, he should take klonopin prior to going to bed to stop panic attacks. My husband and I both have panic attacks and Ptsd.
    I had nightmares and panic attacks for years untreated and just a small dose of klonapin has helped me
    My husband is an RN and says this is not dangerous but get him tested for sleep apnea as this will cause panic at night .
    Sorry for the health scare. Hope he feels better.

  3. Vicky

    When I had my first panic attack I was convinced that I was having a heart attack, however my doctor explained that it was a panic attack.
    Sometimes it does feel scary but at least you know that it doesn't last long.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, if the panic attack raises the Blood Pressure, AND there is a vascular defect.

    Trivia: Most people die of heart attacks in the morning, believed to be from being "scared awake" by alarm clocks.

  5. Serene E

    Not dangerous. He should see a counselor

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