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Is downloading stuff off of torrent illegal?

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  1. Frank

    NO. Torrents themselves are NOT illegal. Stop believing the bullshit. If you get "copyrighted" material...you might want to CONSIDER compensating the OWNER/Copyright Owner if you like and KEEP what you have gotten. I download torrents all the TIME that are NOT copyrighted or are FREE to distribute or LICENSED for TORRENT distribution. Nothing illegal at all.

  2. Denton

    Downloading copyrighted material is illegal . the cafe I used to work for got threatened with a 50k fine for "allowing" a single customer to download some rap tunes.

  3. Raymond

    Yep. Torrents are illegal.

  4. ConservativesAreCanc

    depends on what you download, it's a civil issue though UNLESS you seed or provide the illegal content in any other way

  5. Brandon

    depends what your downloading, if your PIRATING which is illegally downloading things like games without paying for them then yes because that infringes copyright laws

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