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I can't tell if I regret my tattoo or am just nervous?

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  1. Catherine

    Heres the story because it wont let me add it up top: So for the last few (four or so) months I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. I am a college student, and I just decided to do it one night. The next day, I told a bunch of friends about it and I wasn't really excited, but one thing led to another and I jumped in anyway. The tattoo is exactly what I wanted, exactly where I wanted it. The artist did a great job, but I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of regret. My parents aren't upset, but I can tell they're not happy. I keep looking up laser tattoo removal and I just wish that I had thought about this more, or had stayed home and done my work instead of doing this. I don't know if I just thought that I would be more ready for the permanence of it, or I thought I should feel differently, or if I'm just having trouble adjusting to this new thing that's going to be on my arm forever. I really just wish that I hadn't done this and saved myself the worry and nerves and pain. Has anyone else had similar experiences with this?

  2. Princess Vespa

    My husband got a tattoo that he regretted, for many reasons but mainly because he didn't completely think it through. It's a difficult tattoo and the artist who is family wasn't as good an artist as he made himself out to be. He likes the tattoo he just doesn't love it. Tattoos are something your really want to sit on for awhile before going through with it.

  3. Hello

    just nervous

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