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Okay so ever since i was around 12 years old i have straightened my hair nearly everyday and dyed it quite abit even blonde a few times, its curly with a mixture of 2b and 3d curl type and i hated it! i have recently stopped putting heat on my hair for around 2 months now because its so dead and Im now 16 and...

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  1. Ch Mickey UD

    For best results you probably need to see a professional. It may be so damaged you will just have to let it grow completely out as you have really tortured it. Stop using chemicals on it for a while for sure. Spend the money as professional treatments from a beautician / stylist whatever really can help damaged hair better than what you can buy yourself.

  2. Kay

    Your hair doesn't need to be cut every month for dead ends. Deep condition your hair every other week and moisturize it daily. Also, you have to take of your hair from the inside out. Start taking some whole food vitamins along with omega 369, drink plenty of clean water and a natural source of iron supplement. You should begin to see some improvement in your hair growth.

  3. Hannah Montanna

    stop putting heat & use dove conditioning!

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