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Basically, the book said "potential difference across a component in a circuit is the work done to drive a unit charge through component" well i dont understand the part 'to drive'

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  1. sojsail

    Potential is the voltage . Different locations in a circuit will have different voltages. So there is a potential difference between the 2 ends of a component.

    You know that negative charges are attracted toward a positively charged area and repeled from a negatively charged area. The driving of charges in a circuit is thru a combination of repulsion from one area and towards another area.

  2. 037 G

    in order to move an electron through a conductor, a force is needed to "push" it from one end to the other, just as you would need a force to move a chair across a room.

  3. Edward

    In this context, "drive" means "to propel or carry along by force in a specified direction"

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