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How will they survive ? Only those who stsy on land and can grow begetables eill have what to eat..without number..

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  1. witness of jesus

    there is only a need to have a food storage for a couple of years. if one is self reliant now ! they probably are not first on the list, if they dont preach the gospel openly, there is a color code who will be put to the beheadings first.
    but ive heard that there is a computer called teh BEAST, and it once tracked all the social security numbers. but we do have an inventory code that has a mark on all items that is bought and sold. the only number ascociated with the man is the social security. but the upc code is on everything we buy.

  2. A Yahoo! user

    At that time, all the true Christians will be gone. The rapture will happen before the tribulation starts. So I won't be here.

    There will be at least 144,000 people "saved" during the tribulation. I'm not sure how they will do it, but I am sure God has all those details worked out.
    --- (A Yahoo! User)

  3. Jeancommunicates

    I am a Christian. I have never seen the righteous go hungry, but "absent from the body, present with the Lord."

    I don't lose in death. God is my protection and provision, not the government. I give God all the glory for the food in this world, not a man, not an antichrist, not the government. I love horses and when I see a beautiful horse, I am thinking "Oh Lord, what a beautiful creature you have created." Man can feed that horse, brush that horse, but the horse is magnificent because God created him and God man mankind care for him. It is best to give God the glory for everything you see in creation. Have you seen the pictures coming from space? They are glorious in color because they declare the glory of God.

    When you see your baby for the first time, do you say "Oh, Lord what a beautiful gift you have given to me?" That is giving God the glory for His creation. "All good things come from above."

  4. Forrest Toney

    Through Faith in if you make a sincere covenant with the Father that you will always obey all of Jesus' sayings then you will receive all that you have need of .

  5. Jeff

    my vehicle license plate on my brand new SUV ends in 666

  6. Damon

    Google ( DNA) and are of the covenant and respond convert me

  7. † ♥ † RULES!

    Who in the HELL would want to survive?

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