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So I have been sleeping and hanging out with my 35 yr old friend , I m 22. We met through work, we enjoy alot of the same things and are very similar . We agreed to have a friend with benefit relationship, which it works perfectly since we both have our own emotional issues and past issues. Over all we both love...

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  1. jay

    Sometimes fwb relationships develop into something more, something deeper. Sometimes sex is sex for people. But other times its the feel of love enimating from that person that makes you feel that way which may be your case. I know you said you and him aren't ready for a relationship becuz of past offenses and hurt. But you should tell him ahead of time before something comes up and you guys get mad or upset with eachother. Talk to eachother its still a relationship just different from most.

  2. Simonsays

    Friends with bennies only lasts for so long. It is tough to share that kind of closeness without feeling something for the other person. Let go and see what happens.

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