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i seriously want to know

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  1. Needful Sinner

    "Males, do you care if a woman has hair down there?"

    Don't they all
    What colour is the sky in your world friend - Are there hairless breeds of females?
    Why would I mind evolution and the female form, of course I don't.

    Oddest question I've seen posted in ages.

  2. Anonymous

    As if any guy is going to turn down sex just because a woman hasn't waxed. Really

  3. Francesca

    I'm a girl and think of a lady has a little hair that's ok. But if it's like a bush then EWWW....

  4. Zein

    Not really. Kind of a turn on with some older women, I like.

  5. PJ

    I prefer a women to be clean shaven down there.

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