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I'm thinking about this dress, but I might need to sew some straps in so it doesn't fall down all the time. What do you guys think?

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  1. Librareian
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    It's a lovely dress. If a bodice doesn't fit well or support you correctly, by all means, add straps.
    The dress would look just as lovely with straps added.

  2. Mamawisdom

    It is a lovely dress. If the dress is fitted properly it should not fall down. If you want straps, ask the dress shop to have professional alterations done in the same material so it doesn't look like a hack job.

  3. ρερρεяЬεαѕτ

    Boned bodices don't 'fall down'.

  4. Hot Dog is Back!

    Get crazy glue to hold it up

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