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I've been searching and everyones answer was "you just have to accept it". No I can't accept it. Why is everyone straight and normal getting girlfriends and having a fun time while I'm here getting stressed over how I'm so gay. I'm gonna suffer in this world and everyone is gonna hate...

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  1. timidcat

    You're never going to completely supress your sexuality, conversion therapy never helped anyone and would actually make things worse. The top leading scientists all agree that conversion therapy doesn't work and that theres no way to change your sexuality. If yoy choose yo suppresd you might end up getting married to a woman, have kids and still be depressed because you were never attracted to your wife in the first place. It's better to accept your sexuality, there's nothing wrong with it. If it's allowed in your country you can try finding a boyfriend. Why deny yourself that happiness? However if it's not allowed option 1 might be your best bet.

  2. Thisisnota

    You really can change yourself to an extent if you are determined to do so. I basically decided to be asexual early in life because as a child, I saw adults as weakminded and controlled by their biology. And you know what? I really don't want to have sex with anyone even now. I often find women ATTRACTIVE but I don't actually want to have sex with them.

  3. thesun

    Find yourself a blokey-looking butch girlfriend and only make-out after dark.

  4. cindy

    Do something to subdue your sex drive, it weont change you being gay but it will make you asexual, is not as gay.

  5. Frostfire

    You must accept it,if you are truly gay, otherwise you could commit suicide.

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