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Why are some cancers like testicular cancer more curable than a cancer like lung or esophageal cancer?

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  1. Amaretta

    Some cancers don't cause any symptoms until they are advanced and have spread, so they are much harder to treat. That's why ovarian and pancreatic cancers are more likely to kill a patient. Uterine cancer, on the other hand, tends to cause bleeding in post-menopausal women. So they go to the gynecologist, get some testing done and then get a hysterectomy, usually before the cancer has spread.

  2. Matt

    Not one reason.

    Sometime it is because the cancers are generally detected earlier. Some are slower growing and may not spread as fast. If it does not attack a vital organ, then the immediate risk is less, and you may be able to treat it more aggressively.

    Cancer is not one disease, it is over 200 individual diseases that are lumped together.

  3. Dan

    There are a variety of reasons:
    1. Proximity to other vital organs. Cancer spreads more easily from your esophagus than from your testicles.
    2. Ease of recission. It's easy to remove an entire testicle. Taking out an entire lung (or both lungs) is not as easy, as it is more connected to the tissue around it, and the function is more fundamental.
    3. Differences in cells. Some cells are faster growing than others and are more likely to become fast-growing cancers. Sometimes, very fast growing makes it easier to kill with chemotherapy because they are more different from your "average" cells. Basic chemotherapy is most toxic to fast growing cells (like hair follicles), which is why it works, because cancers are faster growing than regular cells. But if you have a slow-growing cancer, it's harder to kill them because the cells are more like regular cells.
    4. Mobility. Some cells more around the body more easily, spreading the cancer.

  4. k w

    nutrition and general health.....did you know the rockefellers used to sell kerosene to cure cancer?, then they dropped the kerosene for the more lucrative chemotherapy!
    just do a search for kerosene and cancer and read what pops last and paula ganner come to mind

  5. Lou C. Ferr


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