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Is there such a thing as a darts hustler, like a pool hustler?

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  1. Patronising

    I have played darts from the age of 5. It's just for fun when my friends come round. We aren't heavy drinkers so no point in going to a bar to play.

  2. Gummy  Roach

    Not at the bar, no. I worked briefly at a company that leased equipment to various bars and clubs around town. Among the equipment was pool tables, juke boxes, arcade games, vending machines, and dart games. My co-workers and I would play darts in the shop.

  3. Hiiiii Jooookerrrr

    nope because throwing darts is a bit boring.

  4. ?

    suck at it and dont really go to bars
    and of course their hustlers for everything

  5. Bmore

    yes yes

  6. Cx


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