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He is still young and Byrd didn't change his mind until way later in life.

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  1. joensfca

    Duke is not young and is still a white supremacist. Robert Byrd did that in his 20's for a short time and the majority of his life regretted joining them, he was not a major leader and it was not way later in life. Byrd left the Klan about the time Hillary was born.

  2. Fabulous Strike

    Because he's already the first David Duke.

  3. Barcock Henbane Isla

    What makes you think Robert Byrd ever changed his ways? He remained in the party that started that infamous social club. In fact, Duke ran for president as a Democrat. I think you need to rethink your premises.

  4. Anonymous

    He's 66. What racial watershed moment to wake up a Nazi could there possibly be that's comparable to the civil rights movement? F3ck off.

  5. Anonymous

    David Duke is almost as old as Hillary. He's far from young

  6. Anonymous

    He already is. Watch his YouTube videos. The only thing still wrong with him is his weird obsession with Jews.

  7. karyl

    just wait for it

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