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If he believes Trump is inciting violence against Hillary when Trump says she should disarm first- before the American people are forced to under her plan, then it means disarming people is inciting violence against them.

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  1. fire_sine

    Hillary didn't demand a repeal of the 2nd amendment. She just wants to neuter it to the extent that it may as well not exist.

  2. Armchair Goddess #1

    Instead of listening to an Alzheimer's-afflicted (early stage) orange-man faker with a very criminal past, a.k.a., "John Baron," or "John Miller," or the hate-monger Donald Trump, why not take the time to learn the details of what our next and best U.S. President Hillary Clinton has proposed in terms of gun reforms?

    Before we go on, you should know that you have been had---duped by the secretive nine-member Nominating Board of the NRA. Neither political party (Democrats or Republicans) has ever said it would "repeal the Second Amendment"! This was a bit of marketing strategy propaganda formulated by the NRA or, more specifically, by the profits-grubbing licensed gun dealers and George K. Kollitides, III---all members of the secret Nominating Board. The strategy: Divide and then Imply Shortage. This is what Mattel Toys did with their Cabbage Patch dolls in the 1980s, holding back supplies to give parent buyers a feeling of not being able to get one---so they all rushed to the stores right before Christmas to fight over the artificially low-number of dolls available...but Mattel overplayed its hand in terms of timing---and people lost interest in the product when it was too hard to get.

    If the people can be fooled, the NRA figured, into thinking one side (any side would do)---just pick one to be artificially demonized as the "anti-gun" folks, and then play up the other side as the "pro-gun" ones. The market the idea that one side is going to "take all your guns"---and you are then supposed to rush out and...guess what? BUY! HOARD! BUY SOME MORE! And the trillion-dollar gun industry gleefully marvels over how gullible the people are as they fly off in their private jets to their tax-dodging off-shore accounts to deposit the $billions$ their HOAX has netted!

  3. -j.

    If she ever demands a repeal of the 2nd Amendment, let us know. To this point she has done literally nothing of the sort.

    Enjoy your straw men.

  4. justagrandma

    She hasn't demanded a repeal of the second. She's smart enough to know how the constitution is amended and the proper procedure. Something no one told Trump and his really incredibly stupid followers.

  5. Meerkat Uno

    Did you even READ the article?

    Hillary has never once said she wanted ot repeal the 2nd amendment.

  6. Cantankerous

    =======Deplorable lie============

    Clinton never demanded a repeal of second amendment.

    ===You lie like a Deplorable ===========

  7. Anonymous

    Smh. Liberals are truly insane. On one hand they say walls don't work yet live in gated communities, on one hand they say guns cause violence yet insist on being escorted by armed guards.

    Update: You see what I mean by the other answers? Obama has repeatedly stated he wants a British/Australian style gun confiscation yet they deny they want to repeal the 2nd amendment.

  8. James

    It must be so if we use their logic when they apply it to Trumps statement that Hillary should start with her own protection.

  9. ray

    she is not repealing the 2nd. you lie

  10. King B

    No one knows who that guy is anyway.

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