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In Mississippi 18 black GANG MEMBERS burned a white 18 girl alive and media said nothing about it on TV why?

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  1. angie

    BREAKING: 17 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl ...
    The FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members that were in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi. She was a white 19 year old girl ... could it be that only black lives matter?

  2. Anonymous

    You're a bit of a stirrer - just like Nick, I also searched, and came up with 57 results...and I reside 5,000 miles away? Realise you're hoping you're after the naive angies of this world, or other guileless girls (who happen to be white) on the net who will think they're being told this the first time round - it makes her out to be unhinged, on here, reading questions like yours which are carefully worded to pull people like her...and indeed equally credulous males to take you seriously.
    If a sneering English brainless girl can pick up such a story - ending it with something which she thinks we should all giggle at, obviously in the country where it happened, then I'm sure most of America knows.

  3. Anonymous

    It is not as important as a black thug being shot resisting arrest.
    The crimes committed by blacks are under played in the liberal media, it is not a narrative they want to have.
    It is much more lucrative to buy into the blacks are victims of injustice and racism.
    A black thug ran over policemen in Phoenix yesterday, not much media attention for them, but a black bully and criminal is shot trying to grab a policeman's gun and riots ensue.
    SONNY( anon) is very sensitive to black crime being reported, he will always under play it and try to place the blame elsewhere. Has he rallied his 'troops' to award his snarky answer TU, looks that way. Watch them TD Angie and others who are not so racially sensitive.

  4. ?

    Stuff like this happens across the world by both blacks and white's. The problem is we should stop people killing innocent people.

  5. Linda

    That's because white lives don't matter...just black lives matter. Don't you understand that there are manipulators of the news?

  6. Nick

    How do you know?

    A quick search yielded more than 200 results to that story, so it's odd you would suggest nobody reported it, you wouldn't know if that was true, I wouldn't know if that was true.

  7. Defender of Truth

    I guess media didn't talk about it---I never heard of it, & we watch the news every night!

  8. ?

    they are racist

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