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Is suicide a sin?? If so why?

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  1. Hoekom

    Yes, but the Church now realizes that a lot of people who commit suicide are mentally unstable, and therefore not responsible for their acts, and are therefore not to be denied heaven. And no, the people who jumped on 9/11 are not damned. I doubt many of them even knew exactly what they were doing. There was fire coming for them from one direction, a painful death, and death by falling, which is relatively painless. And the impact is so quick your brain doesn't register any pain. In making that kind of a choice, I don't think G-d would hold it against them.

  2. Sean

    Yes it is. At least according to the bible. God indicates in many places that he has a plan for you. He has forgiven your sins and now has a path for you to follow. You are supposed to deny your flesh and follow the holy spirit. That being said, suicide is essentially taking God's plan, saying that you don't want to do it, that you want to do your own will, and end everything. It is the easy road, not the narrow road the bible talks about. It would be one thing if God's plan for you sucked, but it is awesome and good; it is meant to lift you up and cleanse you and others. So committing that act is very selfish.

  3. geessewereabove

    Not only is it a sin, but the worst! Every single one that had tried to kill themselves, died, and came back to life All said they went straight to Hell! They do not even get to go to the Judgement area first! The Bible also teaches that when one kills themselves - Straight to Hell!
    Suicides are Not even permitted to be buried in a GOD graced/approved cemetery!
    See if you can find "Life AfterLife" movie 1977. Studying "Life After Death" It includes suicides in it.

  4. Michael S

    Sin basically means 'missing the mark' in the original Greek. It has to do with an archer missing a target.

    Our 'sin' is in missing the mark of what God has designed us for.

    There are sins of 'commission' (the wrong stuff we do), and sins of 'omission' (the right stuff we fail to do).

    We all fall short in all kinds of ways. Suicide is obviously not something that God designed us for.

    We do all kinds of wrong things, and fail to do all kinds of right things. We are fallen and limited human beings. That is why we need a savior. We cannot fix or save ourselves. We cannot live the perfect life that God had designed for us in our own power.

    Instead of relying on our own efforts or our own self-righteousness, we can rely on Christ's sacrifice on our behalf. When we come to Jesus, we are 'accounted' with his righteousness. He took our sin upon himself. So we can live in freedom, not having to count my failures. I can just confess my faults to a loving God who offers me eternal security.

  5. Pi

    According to most Christians, yes.

    In some countries it's a crime too.

  6. Chris

    Yes. The Bible says; 'Thou shall not kill.' That includes suicide.

  7. Rachael

    9/11 jumpers are in Hell

  8. supernovamike11

    Is there any reason "Thou shalt not kill" wouldn't include killing yourself?

  9. Fireball

    yes same as murder

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