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I had an extension cord plugged into a powerstrip (I know, not a good idea anyway). I picked up the end of the extension cord to plug something in, and the pieces of plastic fell off. The metal pieces inside touched (because there was nothing separating them after the plastic fell apart) and they sparked and I...

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  1. spacemissing

    I believe this situation is much less serious than you are making it out to be.
    First off, the Only thing that should be bad is the cord that broke.

    Nothing inside the wall should have been affected in any way.
    Using an extension cord and an outlet strip together presents no inherent danger
    unless the extension cord has too low a power / current rating for the load.
    As long as none of the connections gets too warm, don't worry about it.
    It is possible that if the item you were plugging in
    is particularly sensitive to voltage transients,
    it might have been damaged, but that is not likely.
    I don't understand how the outlet strip could be "wrecked"
    unless its built-in circuit breaker failed to do its job.

    Probably, if you simply reset the strip's circuit breaker, it will work,
    and you can go about your life with no further concern for what happened.

  2. rick29148

    That's why houses are built with fuses in ALL the electrical circuits. If the power strip still worked, then it caught the short. Did you thrown that extension cord out ?? Check any others you have for brittle insulation, too...

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