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I mean I've asked five- six relevant well asked questions today and yet only one or two of them have gotten responses. And those that do get more than one response are just people saying "IDK"

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  1. Hindusufi

    Yahoo Answers is not the useful thing it once was. Yahoo changed it so much that it just doesn't work well anymore. I've been trying for the last twenty minutes to get a question into this category but the option for choosing a category is gone or so well hidden that there is no way to do it. Nobody likes it much anymore so they move on to other things like Also, the option for reporting people for say IDK is gone. No longe

  2. SCT Henry

    Looking at your profile, a guess is that you are just asking in areas of little interest. Men's fashion and general operating systems are just do not get read much on YA. You need to make sure you are asking at high user times, 6-10 M-Th New York time.

  3. Anonymous

    some people be trolling for those 2 points, put a question about politics up and see how many that gets, this site has become troll infested

  4. Fox

    When you say relevant questions, it should be within the realm of understanding and reasonable. If the questions don't fall in those categories, you'll get the IDKs because IDK.

  5. Chris

    Report them when they say they don't know. You can't say IDK and get 2 pts.

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