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Every girl I see at school is super skinny but then I look down at myself and compared to them, I am a bit bigger. I just wanna know if i'm an ok size so I don't have to stress anymore.

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  1. Cumbercookie

    Your weight is perfect for someone your age & height. Since you're likely to grow quite a bit more in the next few years, it's important you *don't* lose weight, or when you grow you will end up being too thin!
    I'm 16 now, 5'10 (nearly) and I weigh 145lbs. I'm bigger than a lot of girls I know, but I do a huge amount of exercise (second row rugby player) so a lot of my weight is muscle. I'm probably fitter than most people my height who weigh 15lbs less than me.

    My point is, weight is often not a measure of health. Your weight is healthy, and a lot of the people who are slimmer than you are actually probably more unhealthy than you are, because they're too thin.

  2. Taylor

    No! You are still growing up! You should not worry about losing weight until you have finished puberty at about 18 and even then your body is always changing! You could damage your body later in life if you start doing those things now.

    A friend of mine was put on a strict diet by her mother when she was a kid until she left the house because her mom didn't want her to get fat. Now her and her sister have digestion problems and doctors cannot help them and they have to take pills just so they can eat! Don't do that to yourself!

  3. Danni

    I totally agree with "Nathan" and the other people saying You should go By the adult BMI scale. Since you have a BMI of about 21, and the high end of the healthy range for any adult, man or woman is up to 25, it means you're good.

    You just have to avoid looking at any of the hundreds of age appropriate weight charts they have on line. Also, avoid asking your doctor, school nurse, any of those "skinny" kids, or anyone in the know. Just stick with something that will not ask any important questions like you age or gender.

    Even with your having found this great way to evaluate your weight and health it might still be a good idea to develop healthier lifestyle choices now that will be a benefit to your future. If not, Just go enjoy the same junk food currently overeat! Don't think twice about it. Just think it as a necessary evil, you enjoy it, so you have to have it. Just like a smoker needs a smoke, you need to eat junk food.

  4. Emma

    You're only 12. Give yourself a break. Stop comparing yourself to other girls because that will only make you feel worse. Everyone's body is different. Your body is still changing.

    Just eat healthy, exercise and stay active. Play with friends. Join a sports at your school. There are so many exercises that can help that it is almost endless. Find what you love and stick with it.

  5. Anonymous

    No, girls are naturally meant to store more fat then boys since your body is preparing for you to get pregnant and have a baby; basic human anatomy. And plus, you'll probably grow another 3-5 inches within the next 2-3 years, so you'll probably stretch out quite a bit. If your really concerned with your health, consult your docter. I suggest plenty of water and a lot of whole, nutritious foods, but don't restrict yourself. Remember, your still growing.

  6. Nathan

    By those numbers you have a BMI of roughly 21. Healthy range is about 20-25. So you're good.

    Even so, developing good exercise habits now will be a benefit to you in the future. And enjoy food! Don't treat it as a necessary evil, just eat reasonably healthy.

  7. Libraryanna

    Good gosh no. Your weight is fine. Feel sorry for the skinny girls because that's not healthy. Focus on healthy eating (2000 calories a day, up to 135 carbs). 1/4 protein, 1/4 whole grains, 1/2 fruit and veggies. No sugar, soda, white flour.

    Eating healthy will help you get through puberty and grow as tall as you can (along with enough sleep and not smoking) .

  8. Lady404

    You are a perfect size. My 11 year old daughter is 5'1" and 118 pounds. She does dance 3 times a week and plays volleyball 2 times a week. She is much more muscle than the "thinner" looking girls in her class. Some of those girls also may not have started getting their me menstural cycle yet, where maybe you have or are closer than they are. I have to agree with all those who have said your weight is perfect, you are perfect, and it is much more important for you to look at healthy eating habits and regular exercise than worry about a number on a scale. These efforts will have much longer lasting health effects than just worrying about a number. Be proud of you for who you are!

  9. ----------------

    This is not an easy question, especially since you are so young so your body is likely to vary given time. But your BMI is within a healthy range

    First off, what do you consider to be your goal? Do you want to lose weight for aesthetic reasons? If so, trying to lose weight for this reason will be counter productive. Do you want to lose weight for health related reasons? If so, I would change your approach. Especially since you arent overweight. Make you goal trying to be more healthy and don't worry so much about your weight. The most important thing to remember is to love yourself first and foremost.

  10. linda

    It weight is perfect ! I'm 13 4'11 and weigh 117 okay now I'm fat

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