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I meant better income

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  1. Gabriella

    Ok I'm young and in the future I wanna be a teacher. I would never say it's a retiring job. I love working with kids and I wanna do something that helps children. I always hated school and I loved it when I had teachers that made school fun. I wanna be like one of those teaches and make kids happy and wanna go to school. I think teachers don't get paid enough and don't get enough credit for all the work they do. They deserve better.

  2. saraimay75

    If you are retired then you not working at least not everyday. Therefore ther nomsuch thing as a "retire job". As for why beacuse you want and when you are young you have the energy especially if you aremworking with young children.

  3. Backatya

    uh..what lol? no, teaching isn't some lazy shi* job.

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  4. pearlmar

    No way.

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