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Ok, so my Bulldog was almost 12 years old, and I understand that when old dogs get old...well, they die. But my dog was perfectly fine this morning, then in the afternoon she was staring into a corner, not moving, only heavy breathing and her eyes rolled back. Then I called my dad, and by the time he got home (5...

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  1. ?

    she might have gotten fluid on her lungs. most old dogs die from getting pneumonia. It happens to them pretty easily, you can just leave them outside in the cold for too long or bathe them and not dry them off and they will get fluid in their lungs. when they have fluid on their lungs they "Gasp" but not so much pant. you can tell its a gasp rather than a pant. your dog sound like she might have gotten into some stimulants or something if she was panting then purged her stomach and bowels. a necropsy would have to be performed to find the exact cause. the GI upset suggest its something she consumed. The dog could also have had a problem with her kidneys or liver or something... without a CBC from a vet its hard to know. When they have organ problems they feel really bad and kind of just lay there all day like they're ready to die. My elderly dog got fluid on and inside her lungs for some reason and her heartbeat became racing and erratic... all she did was just lay there like she was ready to die and kind of gasping but she did have moments of looking normal. She had liver problem too and the person I left her with wasn't making her take her medication. I took her to the Er and euthanized her soon as I saw her gasping because she was gonna suffocate or have a heart attack otherwise.

  2. Liveyanne

    12 is old for a bull dog. Did she have any diseases that you knew of prior to her dying? When is the last time she had seen the vet? I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. miranda_inman

    Heart failure maybe? It can be sudden in older dogs. My first dog passed that way. She was perfectly fine until a few hours before she died.

  4. DavidB

    I really just wanted to express my condolences for the loss of your pet. I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for why she died though.

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