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Are democrats racist for assuming an illegal immigrant has to be mexican?

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  1. mgreen2500

    A lot of these illegal immigrants are poor and come from the surrounding countries, they just want to live in a country that is safe (at least safer then the one they came from) and has jobs. Trump wants to get rid of all these people, he also makes narcissistic comments like ' Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists. That is racist. He may not be racist for wanting illegal immigrants out but the context he puts it in is completely racist.

  2. Anonymous

    How is Trump racist for wanting "illegal immigrants" out of the country?
    Trump's not being RACIST but honest ( all intelligent people know it ) it's corrupt people > Race Baiting to elect Hillary !

  3. Brian

    I don't like Trump but I do agree that illegal immigrants should be deported just like every other nation does when someone crosses illegally for the security of the nation. I just don't like some things he says like all Mexicans are bad which is not true. The main point is that people need to come in the legal way, otherwise if they don't then they must be up to no good since they are trying to avoid going thru a police/border patrol checkpoint meaning that they are going to do something that's not legal. Like smuggling drugs or criminals. We also need a wall so that the people that are up to no good will be kept out and the people that just want to go over to America can come thru legally, period. There shouldn't be a reason for you not to enter legally, otherwise there must be something illegal that your doing if you do so.

  4. Zhu

    The US cannot function without mass immigration at all times. That's why Trump hires immigrants to build his hotels, etc. The US should have the same drug laws and immigration laws as in 1910.

    Trump is a racist because all Americans are racists. It is the national sin.

  5. Anonymous

    Obviously not all or even just democrats assume that all illegal immagrants are Mexican but I would consider those that do ignorant not necessarily racist.As far as trump is concerned I have to say I just had a conversation with a racist Latino who was basically explaining how Latinos feel towards Americans & it was the exact same way trump feels about Latinos so if your going to consider trump a racist then according this guy Latinos are just as racist

  6. mark

    If that makes Trump a racist I guess Obama is also racist for deporting millions of immigrants in 8 years

  7. Answer

    Trump's right about most things. Infact the only thing I'd rather not like, is the fact that he's republican. You see, I'm not American, The reason I agree in this case is that I imagine what would it be like if 11 million foreigners of the same kind flee to my mother country; I'd be filled up with anger and would question many things. But I just like ideas of using coal and harmful greenhouse fuels. Going against Abortion or Anti Marijuana....

  8. Anonymous

    Trump's not racist. He's a nationalist. That said some of his followers are genuinely racist and don't like none-whites taking over the demographic.

  9. Anonymous

    Racism is the only strategy the left has to keep minorities to keep voting democrat. Ironically, you are more racist if you vote democratic as they suppress minorities worse than anyone else. The globalist left movement is about depopulating minorities and poor people. Look up the biilderberg group and what they're about. Gates, Buffet, Soros, Rockefeller to name a few. Also, they are the reason Mark Cuban is playing their little puppet in hopes he will get invited to the group.

    Now you know why on ever street corner in the ghetto [democratic controlled] there's a liquor store on one, abortion clinic on the other, a gun store on the other, and a drug dealer on the other.

  10. Anonymous

    It's all they've got. Hillary can't run on her record.

    Has anybody else noticed that Trump is the first candidate in decades that can talk about what he HAS done and not just what's wrong with the other person.

    "Leaked" to get publicity?
    Child please.
    Those photos have always been around and he has always had publicity.

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