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True or False: You would rather make less money at a job you love than more money at a job you hate?

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  1. Blue Sky
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    I'd rather make less money at a job I loved because I would be more happier and feel more gratified as well.

  2. Mara

    If I were to support only myself, that wouldn't be a problem.
    But if more people would depend on me, I'd have to go for money.

  3. Kathy S

    Really, really false. Money is number one. I can have fun after hours.

  4. Anonymous

    True. I bet a lot of STRAIGHT GUYS hate doing gay porn but LOVE the money.

  5. ronald

    Very true indeed.
    My favourite jobs have been the most challenging

  6. Joe W

    I have always hung my hat where it pays the best living.

  7. gametime3172001

    more money

  8. acfahmy

    10000000000% true to me

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