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Liberals and Islam are the complete opposite, so why do Muslims make liberals so wet?

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  1. Michael

    Because whenever conservatives say anything that can be misconstrued as racist or sexist, liberals seize the opportunity to take it out of context to try to make conservatives look bad.

    They'll take something like "Islamic extremists" and claim that it's "islamophobic" or "xenophobic" just to try to shift the conversation away from the real issue...TERRORISM, and turn it into a "social injustice" issue.

    And why do they do this? Because they want VOTES. It doesn't matter how many people get blown up, shot, stabbed and killed at the hands of terrorists. As long as they get their votes, liberals are happy...

  2. mark h

    Terrorism works on liberals.

    Liberals are the only people desperately afraid of offending muslims.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Amelia

    Because liberals like to throw around the word "bigot" so much that no one wants to challenge the regressive religion of Islam out of fear of being called a "bigot".

  4. Love Unites

    Liberals seem to be very protective of minorities in general. They want to make sure nobody is discriminated against. And that is good, but they seem to over-correct and leave out common sense.

  5. Dangerous Mr.

    What the H do Conservatives know about getting wet ?

  6. Lucille

    Liberals hate straight white conservative Christians so much that they would unleash any sort of hell on the entire country to punish them.

  7. ndmagicman

    Here is the hypocrisy of the far right.
    They demand freedom of religion.
    But only for the religions they approve of.
    And they wonder why most of the US considers them to be neo-Nazi.

  8. rd68

    I don't know, but the way you gush about pampered "man's man" Donald J Trump, I am pretty sure he makes your bum water.

  9. Bob

    Total irrational fear of being called
    anythingophobic. Were tolerent of everyone (except conservatives), arent we wonderful?

  10. China

    We're just not dumb theists who are fighting over which imaginary friend is more real.

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