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Do you think we should fund science more?

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  1. Fly G

    I think we should fund how to better treat the mentally ill, the elderly, the sick.

    I think we should fund how to get along better.

    I think we should fund good manners, respect, helpfulness, and shaming selfishness.

    I think we should fund programs to better educate the unprivileged, teach social skills and life skills, and how to navigate and avoid anything addictive, bad attitudes, violence, unwanted pregnancy, and other negative game changers.

  2. Wright Moore

    Don't they fund it enough? Perhaps they should put more funding towards the capturing and molecular break down of thousands of tons of Co2 exhaust.

  3. knight

    One possibility is you can't guarantee how long a science project needs for its success and whether it's a no hope from the beginning.

  4. Anonymous

    Scientific advancement should aim to affirm and improve human life,unfortunately science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom, so we now have guided missiles and misguided people.

  5. Anonymous

    I think you should be concerned over the fact that people should be funding for Anonymous' mental health.

  6. eatbabyseals

    Yes. But for hilarious things like how long can you store a fart in a sealed glass jar

  7. Anonymous

    Where do you think your tax money goes to, dumbass?

    It sure as hell not going to improve your local community, moron.

    Where do you think they got the money for that fancy looking aircraft that popped out of nowhere that levitates up with the propeller wings and then the wings turn clockwise to transform into regular plane wings?


  8. ioerr

    yes, we should spend a hell of a lot more on it

    and on educating young people to work on it

  9. Bmore

    yes but wisely

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