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Why do liberals think I'm racist for thinking importing people from a land where beheadings rapes and stonings are common isn't a good idea?

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  1. David S

    It's a mystery to me, too. If they think American conservatives are their enemies, they haven't seen anything yet. I'm kind of looking forward to large groups of un-westernized Syrians groping American feminists on New Year's Eve.

  2. Elijah Tenenbaum

    Add you don't want to let them escape that country?
    The term refugee literally refers to a person seeking refuge from their country because of the horrible things that happen there.
    And you are a racist because your opposition is based on ethnic considerations.

  3. Dogstar Defrocked

    100,000 rapes happen in the US every year, so you'd be cool about another country denying you entry based on that?

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