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Here's a photo of her:

She's black with a white undercoat.

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  1. J C

    Most cats in the world aren't a breed or even a mix of breeds - they are the cats that Nature created, and are called domestic short hair or domestic long hair. She is a lovely domestic short hair, and her color is black and white bicolor. That's the proper name for her coat, but many mostly black with white cats are often referred to as tuxedo cats.

  2. Steve

    Pretty little thing, but I don't think you will be able to get her classified as a specific breed or mix of breeds. Most domestic cats are either a very specific breed, or are a combination of so many breeds that they are unidentifiable.

    If I flat out had to guess based on the picture alone, she would be considered a domestic shorthair, also known as the American Shorthair.

  3. John M

    She is a domestic short hair and that is not a breed. She has what they call a tuxedo coat.

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