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How's the night life in Iraq ?

9 months ago 11


  1. Suomynona

    Well.. ugh...

    Let's see; sunny ???? about 1-1/hF with a slight chance of gun fire and possible grenades headed our way. If you do make it through the night, you'll be delighted to wake up to the sounds of some Christian being tortured for his/her personal beliefs.


  2. Susan

    Bloody, they just found a huge hole in Iraq filled with 15,000 dead Iraqi's- Isis killed them all. Night life was fun for Iraqi's then 0bama & Hillary came along and ruined it for them allowing ISIS to form. Iraqi's were BEGGING for us to come back and protect them! BEGGING! They were finally enjoying themselves living in a Democracy for a short time. Liberals must really hate freedom for anyone.

  3. Anonymous

    They like Disco just as they still do in France, Germany & Italy cities.

  4. China

    During 2003 it was lit up.

  5. Weasel McWeasel

    I hear it's the BOMB!

  6. RockIt

    The pussy is dry and stinks

  7. Chupate esa!

    People get fcked to death...

  8. Hello

    Boom boom pow.

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