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I have the original PS4 and I don't have a 4K Tv or anything but I did hear it would be nice regardless if you have a 4K Tv. But what you guys think? Is it honestly worth the upgrade? I know the PS4 Slim isn't but what about the PS4 pro? I'm stuck in the middle here.... either stick with my PS4 or get...

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  1. Konakona
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    Worth it? Depends on how you define worth. But honestly, no its not. (the ps4 pro will likely give you native 1080P in most all games and at higher framerates than normal, but it wont be a huge change. Not really a $400 increase in performance)

    For $400 you can build your own pc that with equal or likely better performance. PC will allow you to play at any resolution, any settings, and any frame rate you want to. If you only have 1080P tvs, you can play at 1080P and crank up the graphic settings to make the game look better. You can also download and install mods, and run filters like reshade/sweetfx.

    PC also gives you the freedom to use any operating system you want to. install and run any software you want to. Use any input device you want to (including controllers from any console). You also can still play from the couch using a controller. you can have steam automatically launch big picture mode and only ever use a controller on your pc. there is also software which allows you to use a controller as a mouse, to navigate your pc with the controller as well. (pc is all about freedom to do anything you want with your device)

    Also pc doesnt charge you $60/year to play online. And old online games never get taken down. Even if official online support for games dies. There is always someone out there willing to run a server for the game.
    Pc games are much cheaper too (so you save quite a bit of money in the long run). games are generally released at $40-50 instead of $60. And the money you save can be put towards more games, or towards new and better hardware to always keep giving you a better gaming experience.

    Here are some useful resources for building your own pc.

  2. hillbilly

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