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Would it be like 1929 on steroids?
Are there safeguards in place now?

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  1. Gerald

    it is it's only imagination it is manipulated there is not interest rate why? if the market was truly free it's impossible we all live in massive debt it cannot be real what is the value of everything based on it used to be gold that is now poppycock Quantitative easing is making money for nothing and pumping it into the country you try it to help your finances you go to prison so it's like a drug we are hooked and will do anything to continue the supply lie cheat steal even kill and MANIPULATE

  2. Andy L

    That could only happen concurrent to an event that money loses all meaning.
    The world would be ending in minutes, and not as a result of the stock prices.

  3. Lamb-chop of God

    There are "automatic breakers" on all Stock Exchanges that simply halt ALL trading if an Index drops 'too much' in too short a time period, so that cannot actually happen;

    In addition, since all individual stocks & Bonds have a "par value", they cannot actually trade at below that par value;

  4. MaX

    There are "automatic triggers" if someone tries to manipulate stock prices

  5. Anonymous

    It wouldn't

  6. B

    The rich would stay rich and the poor will stay poor

  7. tro

    you have heard of the 'crash' of 1929 I am sure

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