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Last year was Seth Rollins' year as he spent most of that year beating guys like Cena,Reigns,Ambrose,Orton,Kane,surviving Brock Lesnar,and beating Sting in his last match while being the "Superstar of the year"(arguably best booked)as WWE World Champion.But this year has been meh,for him.He won the...

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  1. Matt

    No I don't think talent should be "demoted" per se because it delegitimizes the main event scene. You never want someone in the main event that doesn't belong there in the first place. And once someone makes it there you should book them to make them consistently strong or capable.

    For example we have to face the facts--Jack Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion. Swagger has potential to be in the main event but those days have passed by. Now we have realize that Swagger, a former World Champion, lost to Jinder Mahal.

    The Miz is another example. Miz is a solid mid-card talent. But bringing him up to the WWE title was a mistake. On the flip side you have guys like Kane. Kane has been booked as a legitimate monster and has held the WWE, WHC, and ECW championships. He is main event strong. But it makes everyone look bad when they start booking him out as a jobber, NO not putting over next main event talent, but FLAT OUT Jobbing. And they've done that often

  2. Amy Flower

    No, I don't think they should be, wwe will get more out of a star if they continue to push that star.

    With Seth Rollins though, I think wwe are trying to manufacture a babyface turn, And it's been poorly done, if they would of just had him return as a face when he came back people would of been behind it, the company insisted on keeping him heel for several months despite people wanting to cheer him then one day other heels are turning on him for no reason and the storyplot behind it is a total uninteresting mess.

    You got a company that keeps showing that they are out of touch with what their fans want, it happen with batistas return when wwe tried to force him on fans as the face and main event of wrestlemania, it happen when they tried to keep Bryan out of the main event of wrestlemania, it happen with reigns when a lot of people wanted him to turn heel, and happening with Rollins because people wanted him as the top face when he returned.

    Fans are passionate but only have so much patience, wwe doesn't have their finger on the pulse of what the fans want and people lose interest and tune out. It's unfortunate because it's difficult for fans to get invested in most of these superstars when you just see everyone spinning their wheels because the company is out of touch.

  3. Hugh

    rather than look at it as a 'demotion' I think that the IC/US belts should be promoted/respected more.. and there should be a healthy amount of rotation to keep people from stagnating

  4. ?

    No, they should be sharing their good fortune with someone else who deserves a break. Its not the wrestlers fault as the storylines and/or injuries creates new opportunities for some and poor booking for others.

  5. Big K

    Having them move around the card is okay, it's when they completely bury them like they did to The Miz and Jack Swagger is when it's a problem

  6. Kevin Gouwens

    rollins will win next sunday at clash of champions

  7. Julian Huang

    No what are you thinking

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