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How fast can I get a chinese visa? and how much is the cheapest one?

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  1. Andi

    China embassy in US

    the visa process is listed there,


    your choice of Visitor visa (cost will depend on type you need / choose)
    single/dual/multiple entry and period of time for entry and length of overall visa
    eg multiple entry, 30 days per time 3/6/12 months etc

    but if you hold a different passport it will be different choices
    As a first chinese visa, the long length/multi entry visa may not be available
    eg single / dual entry only
    and later get the multi entry if you can show you need / will use it

    See also entry /exit requirements at US Travel.state.gov

    Do not overstay - it will cost you a lot, to buy your way out
    and you will not be allowed to leave until you do !

  2. Foofa

    It's best to go through a speciality Chinese visa agency. How much it'll cost depends on the type you're qualified for and attempting to get.

  3. Anonymous

    Don't do it! Those visas have high interest rates!

  4. Goatnuts

    faster than you can say you want fried or steamed rice with that

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