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i love it, my favorite movie of all time.

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  1. Just another Y!A lia

    I think's it's a ridiculous movie. I mean, the ending scene,,, I know a suspension of disbelief is required with all movies, but come on... And it's the film after which Pacino's acting irrevocably descended into self-parody.

    Paul Shenar's good as Sosa, though, And F, Murray Abraham gets hung out of a helicopter. It does have those 2 things going for it, I guess...

  2. TS

    Yeah, I liked it. But he did a much better job in Godfather. This movie blows scarface away.

    I have these arguments all the time with the younger crowd. Its no comparison really. The Godfather is the greatest gangster flick of all time.

  3. nezhtal

    The original with Paul Muni was pretty good. Didn't really care for the Pacino remake.

  4. Joel

    It's a good movie

  5. isaac

    yes great film al pacino is an amazing actor

  6. Anonymous

    it's overrated imho

  7. brown

    Never seen it.

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