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i have a 1981 chevy c30 truck it has a chevy 350 engine in it and it has been running rich so i rebuilt the carburetor its a edelbrock 1406 and it was running fine for a while i tuned it and everything and it started to almost die when i came to stops it would be so close to dying and i tuned it and tried...

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  1. DR + Mrs Bears face

    HI so the idea of engine and wear has not entered your thoughts here i suppose. yes over time as engine parts wear the tolerances become wider so the width of a tolerance becomes wider and running at low RPM is the demonstration of why it is stalling. as the parts just stop making good contact it gets to be sloppy and will stop as time and wear gets greater.
    having been a clockmaker nothing brings home the idea of wear more when working with fine tolerances than wear being the major issue with an engine.
    some even refer to the reference as working like a sewing machines quiet and working well.

  2. J E T H R O

    Without seeing it I can only tell you of a few things to check........
    Fuel pump pressure 4 to 6 psi
    Fuel filter.
    Check vacuum advance see if working
    Take cap and rotor off and see if mechanical advance is working and not froze up
    Set timing and tune................I suspect the mechanical advance is stuck or wore out.

  3. PatrickC

    Dirty Fuel, bad fuel pump, wrong fuel pump, I agree with what Jethro said as well.

  4. Anonymous

    I hate to say it but it sounds like your fuel filter. Or weak fuel pump.

  5. Evil C

    Your fuel pump is probably going bad.

  6. Mr.357

    Have you checked for a vacuum leak?

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