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White brunettes like Zoey deschanel
I think they're the hottest in the world but I don't like any other race just as much. No I'm not racist or hate any race just a personal preference

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  1. Anonymous

    From my life experience, pale White women with light brunette hair have been the most beautiful women on average, in my honest opinion.

    Zooey Deschanel is okay. She's pretty, but I have met way more beautiful White women than her.

    But to answer your question, you like Whiter girls cuz it's your own opinion. Everyone has different opinions. I agree with your opinion though.

    Don't listen to the jealous people who call you "Brainwashed by the media." Everyone has different opinions, not everyone has to be a Hipster and do everything the opposite of the media. As long as it's your genuine opinion, it does not matter if your opinion is similar to the media or not. Besides, pale White women are hardly even in anymore, olive White women are. Yet I still prefer pale White women cuz they are my genuine preference. Even if they were the most hated women on Earth, I would still find them attractive AF cuz it's my genuine opinion.

    Also, as long as you put personality above looks, then it's okay and not creepy. Everyone has physical preferences, lots of women prefer taller men, some men prefer slimmer women, etc.

  2. giana

    To each his own. I like tall olive skinned brown hair and brown eyes. Every body has a type that they prefer. Let's be honest, looks aren't everything and it's the person's heart and soul that makes them who they are but sexual attraction is a big part of any normal healthy relationship. Some people say that is shallow but seriously, who walks down the street and says whoa I bet he/she has an amazing brain.

  3. BBagwinds

    Based on my vast knowledge of your personality and your life experience, I'd say it's because you like brown-haired white girls.

  4. Anonymous

    Because you're creepy and you sexually fetishize white women. You see them as sex objects.

  5. Anonymous

    cause they are hot

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